GeoOrbital Ambassador Program


Our valued customers and community are what brought us here and is what is going to take GeoOrbital to the next level. Our ambassadors are crucial to our business and if you help spread the word about the GeoOrbital wheel, we'll thank you in cash.

This is how our Ambassador program works:

If you own a GeoOrbital wheel, and “wheely” like it, we will make you a personal coupon code that you can share with everyone you know. If someone purchases a GeoOrbital wheel or any accessories while using your code they will receive a 5% discount off their purchase price and you will recive 5% of their purchase amount. If you are a rockstar at spreading the word we plan to give out cash bonuses, marketing materials, and GeoOrbital swag (shirts, hats, and other cool GeoOrbital gear).

The sky's the limit — and you can earn as much as you’d like.

What are the requirements?

You must have a GeoOrbital wheel that is in good condition.
You must be as excited about your wheel as we are.
Must be 18+

What will I be doing as an ambassador?

You will be telling the world about the GeoOrbital wheel. And letting people experience it for themselves
You will provide feedback about our marketing and help us develop the Ambassador program further.

What is the compensation/rewards?

You will earn 5% off the first purchase of any new customer that you bring on board (and your customer will also save 5% of their first purchase).
There are no caps and the more you promote to new GeoO buyers, the more you earn. For example: let’s say that that someone you introduce to GeoOrbital uses your coupon code to buy a wheel - $1,055 worth from - the person buying will save $53 AND you will earn $53. Let’s say that another person you introduce and buys two wheels and a spare battery for $2,500 – they will receive $125 off AND you will earn $125.
If you sell 5 wheels in the first 12 months we will send you a bonus $100 off a wheel voucher on top of what you have earned.

We plan to add incentives as we develop this program.

REad Real Customer reviews

These are just some of our hundreds of glowing reviews from real customers. With a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Facebook alone, people love the GeoOrbital wheel! Check out our Facebook page for many, many more reviews.

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