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“A more affordable alternative to an electric bike.” - Mashable

Upgrade your regular bike to a pedaling-optional electric bike by swapping-out your regular front wheel for a GeoOrbital wheel. The installation takes 60 seconds and the wheel fits almost any bike.

"The wheel was easy to charge, install and riding it was enjoyable. It's nice to get to a destination without getting all sweaty. It took my old rusty bike and made it modern and sleek." - Engadget


The Wheel

Developed by engineers from SpaceX and Ford the breakthrough design of the GeoOrbital wheel an evolution of the electric bike. It is by far the most powerful in its class, affordable and easy to use and install.

"Basically, it includes everything that you might get in a fully electric bike, but in a single piece that's simple to install." - Fast Company

The power

There is no need to install or configure any apps - simply clip on the throttle and use it like a gas pedal - the harder you press the faster you go. The 500W motor puts out more power than an Olympic cyclist. Pedal if you want, sit back if you don't.

"Hit 20 mph on your bike without breaking a sweat" - Popular Mechanics

The fit

The GeoOrbital wheel comes in 2 sizes to fit over 95% of all adult sized bicycles. If your bike has 700c (a.k.a 28in/29in) or the smaller 26in wheels and uses rim brakes, the GeoOrbital wheel fits.

“Swap out the old front wheel for a 21st-century one one, complete with a battery and motor” – TIME

Setup & Build

Installation: 60 seconds (no tools required)
Body Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum
Tire Material: Flat-proof foam with a rubber tread
Weight: 21lbs (700C), 18lbs (26in)
Origin: Made in the USA from US and global parts
Designed and built in Massachusetts

Motor & Control

Motor Power: 500W (750W Peak)
Motor Tech: 36v Brushless DC
Efficiency: Direct Drive with regenerative braking
Speed Control: Variable speed thumb throttle
Top Speed:
20 Miles Per Hour

Battery & Charging

Battery Tech: Removable 36v Panasonic Li-ion
Battery Capacity: 374Wh(700C), 205Wh(26in)
Max Range No Pedaling: 20mi(700C), 12mi(26in)*
Max Range With Pedaling: 50mi(700C), 30mi(26in)*
Recharge time: 2 hours to 80%, 4 hours to 100%
*As with all eBikes the range varies greatly with rider weight, speed and terrain.

See What Drives Us

We are a different type of company – launched and backed by a community of thousands of people that believe in our vision for the future and our pioneering wheel design.
See how we got to where we are and where we’re heading. If you are interested in learning about investing in the company

GeoOrbital Wheel

GeoOrbital Wheel

Make your bike electric - in 60 seconds.


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Make pedaling ...

Jon Lynn


"I had a lot of fun! The GeoOrbital is a great design"

Ben Coxworth

New Atlas (formerly Gizmag)

"All in all, we found the GeoOrbital Wheel to be quite clever and snazzy-looking"

Sean O'Kane

The Verge

"It made quick, fun work of the bike lanes around our office"

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